Welcome to the Pets Metaverse!
A team made of tech savvy, crypto enthusiasts is creating PetaLand, the first ecosystem that lets you bring your loved pets into the metaverse.
PetaLand is a fascinating play to earn 3D virtual reality metaverse which gives you the opportunity to create and bring your furry companion to share countless fun social experiences together.
Using $PTL, the native token of PetaLand, you can access the marketplace, which enables you to purchase a plethora of NFTs, such as pets, land parcels, food, and the cutest, trendiest clothes and accessories. While the latter make your pet stand out and express its (and your) unique personality, the former allows you to either build structures, advertise, or lend to other users for passive income.
$PTL also enables you to buy – within the game - real-life products which always come in handy and your pet will surely appreciate.
PetaLand creates the immersive experience of having the unconditional love of your pet with you everywhere you go. Together with your four-pawed friend, you will embark on a captivating journey of quest-solving, game playing, socializing, learning, and showing off your style, among many other mesmerizing experiences.
Petaland benefits:
  • Friendly environment for partnerships and cooperation
  • New frontier for product and ad placement
  • An ability to create and promote services
  • Tools to integrate or even create businesses through custom experiences
  • Trading real estate in the virtual environment
  • Revenue-stream generation
The game uses reliable, well-known technologies, along with technologies and protocols specifically created by the developing team for this project:
· Ethereum.
· Layer 2 Scaling solution
· Smart contracts.
· Artificial intelligence.
· 3D scanning
· Unity

Social Experiences

Users can come and play games, socialize, compete and have fun with other pets from the virtual world.


We will enable everyone to imagine and create immersive 3d experiences,like scenes, games and more.
Playing dress-up with your pet !
Create the look for your pet that is just as special as they are with a faux-fur lined parka, a black and red preppie argyle sweater or even color-coordinated winter boots.
Pets are as unique as their owner. That's the reason why you want them to stand out. Create the look for your pet that is as special as their personality is and show it to your friends !


Sell your crafted items on marketplace.
PetaLand will work with brand partners and give them the opportunity to advertise and to sell clothes, food, etc.
Buy lands and trade them or lease them for passive income


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